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Table Of Contents

This plugin adds a widget with a Table Of Contents for the current page. It can be either in the side pane or "floating" on top of the page. The Table Of Contents gives an outline of all headings in the page, and allows modifying this outline (try the context menu).

Dependencies: This plugin has no additional dependencies.


The option Position in the window determines in which side pane the table is shown.

Alternatively if the option Show ToC as floating widget instead of in sidepane is enabled the table is shown on top of the page view. If the table of contents is shown as a floating widget, it will only be visible when the current page has one or more headings. When the table of contents is empty, the floating widget is hidden.

By default the page title is not show in the table of contents (unless there are multiple title headings in the page). If the option Show the page title heading in the ToC is enabled the page title will always been shown in the table of contents.


This plugin uses two widget names to allow CSS styling for the floating widget:

See Help:Config Files for info on CSS styling