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Basic Table Operations

Insertion of a table

Insert directly within textarea

|Header 1|Header 2|Header 3|
|Data 1a|Data 2a|Data 3a|
|Data 1b|Data 2b|Data 2b|

Text after table. Table has to end with a blank line.

Press CTRL+R or open menu item View->reload, so that the table can be displayed as widget.

Use the insert-table button

or press the menu item Insert -> Table
After this step you can define the table titles with following Options:
Title: Column title
Alignment: Alignment of the cell (left, center, right)
Automatic Wrapping: Column Cells with long text should be automatic wrapped to new lines.

Add row / Change table layout

Press the right button on the area of the table - but not on the header - and select in the popup menu some item.

Enter text in a cell

  1. Click one time on a cell, wait one second.
  2. Click again on the cell.
  3. Now it opens a textfield where you can fill the cell.
  4. Press <ENTER> and the text will be fixed.
or Press <ESC> and the inserted text will be ignored.


Click one time on the column title, which you want to sort.